6 Romantic Things to Do On Your Wedding Night

Wedding NightYou need to know the things to do on your wedding night if this special event is to remain etched in your mind for all the right reasons.

Many couples are not aware of the things to do at such times yet the truth is that there are a range of things which can be done to make the night a lot more memorable for you.

1. Feed your partner

This can be a nice way to build up the momentum before you get to the real deal. Strawberries are especially handy in such a situation and the position in which you sit as you feed each other also matters.

This creates a lot of intimacy and helps you relax after the pressure of the day before you get down to the beautiful sex you will be playing.

2. Play romantic music

You will definitely need some soothing music as you get into the right mood for being intimate. Be sure that it is music that both of you enjoy and that it is loud enough.

As you take the time to recover your energy after a whole day of being worried about the guest, music will put you in the mood for melting into each other’s arms.

3. Wear something sexy for your significant other

Some couples are so much in the mood for making love that they will enter the room and immediately slip out of their clothes. If however, you are the couple that has never been intimate to this level before, it will take a bit of time for you to get there.

Once you get into the room, it will be a lot easier to get all flirty and openly romantic with the other if you both show a need for the same. What better way to communicate this than with sexy lingerie and underwear for men?

4. Be playful with each other

Things to Do On Wedding NightYou have just gotten married. You need to enjoy your first night together as a couple more than ever.

Playing sexy games with each will add a lot of magic to the night. Try blindfolding him and urging him to find the glob of honey you just dropped somewhere on your body. You can go here – http://www.loveblab.com/how-to-please-a-man-in-bed for lot of ideas.

5. Make a list of the romantic things you would like to do with your partner in marriage

This is probably the only time you will be open enough to discuss this. Tell him or her all the sexy dreams you have kept concealed that you would like to try out in the course of you marriage.

You could write them down somewhere or better still record your voices as you discuss them.

6. Have loving sex

Sex on your wedding night should be the most passionate, yet tender. Ensure that you take care of your partner’s needs.

Interestingly, there is a lot of understanding between spouses on this day and this should be used as an advantage to help you ride to glory together. Stale sex on your wedding night will make you begin the marriage on a weak footing.

My Ex Girlfriend Wants To Be Friends Again

Breakups are hurtful almost every time, so it gets weird when the one who hurt you now wants to be your friend once again, only this time without the intimacy, sex, and of course drama. When your ex girlfriend wants to be friends with you, you should analyze the situation and think of what you yourself want. It may be weird, I agree, and probably not the best idea.

But at the same time it may be a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and friendship at a very different level.

Ex Girlfriend Wants To Be Friend

Think about it, do you want to turn your back on someone who knows so much about you? Someone who understands you on a level many others don’t?

Someone you have always been free to talk to about the many aspects of your life? Well, in my opinion, being platonic friends with your ex can be a very good thing. This is especially so if the break up was amicable and you still feel you like being around each other though you have both completely gotten over the relationship.

For such a friendship to work out, there are some steps you have to follow. These are:

Accept the breakup

If becoming friends is part of your scheme for how to get your girlfriend back, then please drop that idea. For it to work, both of you should accept that you are now just friends, nothing more. If you want her back, then apply different techniques.

If one of you still has hopes of turning the friendship into the lost relationship, there is a high probability of the friendship dying a very quick, very painful death leaving both of you with so much resentment towards each other.

Consider Consequences

Having your ex girlfriend as one of your friends can be a good thing. However, it can also spell disaster. Consider this, how will you feel when you see your ex flirting with other people?

How will you feel if your buddies start hitting on her? And will it be awkward for you to attempt dating and seeing other people when in the company of your friend who also happens to be your ex? If you think the new relationship will be weird or awkward, simply say no and go your separate ways.

Draw Boundaries

Once you have both agreed to become platonic friends, then you should make your intentions clear to each other and maybe even to family, friends, and others close to both of you to avoid confusion. Your love may have been unconditional when you were dating, but for the friendship to work you should impose some conditions.

Read previous post where I discussed about some tips to deal with broken heart after being dumped.

Do not under any circumstances agree to discuss your current lovers. You are neither her hairdresser nor her mum. Make it clear that you are no longer available romantically to her and it will always be like that.

Consult Your Current

If you are not interested in getting back with your ex and you already have someone else in your life, discuss the possibility of becoming your ex’s friend with your current lover. Approach your current girlfriend and tell her your ex girlfriend wants to be friends with you and explain to her what that will involve.

If she is against it, then you have to decide which of the two to remain with, your ex as a friend or your current girlfriend. Do not do anything behind your current girl’s back unless you want to start dealing with two exes instead of one.

How To Deal With a Broken Heart After Being Dumped

Have you been left of your dream partner? There are several reasons for heartache and how to deal with a broken hear after a separation is different. Here you can find advice on how you can repair a broken heart.

Deal With a Broken HeartUnrequited Love – An Emotional Roller Coaster

A broken heart can be a roller coaster of emotions. The loss of the one you love can seem difficult and seem endless. How strong these feelings are understood and differs from person to person.

For some, an unrequited love or the end of a love relationship cause as deep grief as a close relative. It is therefore important to deal with the feelings and seek help if needed.

Broken Heart – How Do You Recognize the Symptoms

Common symptoms of love grief is depression, insomnia, irritation and a desire to withdraw. It is not uncommon to feel less motivation to work and perform worse.

Heartbreak contribute to altered brain waves and a strong decrease in the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the control of appetite and sleep.

Changes Can Help

The victims of a broken heart can sometimes be hard to leave the bed and his own home. Some may need to make major changes, such as changing jobs or housing, to leave the memories behind. Others will do anything to try to get back together with ex.

The grieving process for the separation divided into four phases. Phases duration and intensity can be very different.

Phase 1: Shock and Denial

During the first days after the relationship has run out , it can be difficult to recognize their own reality. For several days, the broken heart to be difficult to understand what has happened and hope is still there that the former partner will change.

Phase 2: Feelings Proves

Grief, guilt, anxiety, anger and hatred are feelings that may need time and space. Good pursuits to manage emotions can be discussions, sports and relaxing activities like painting, reading a book or a movie. Do what works best for you – as long as you ventilate your feelings.

Phase 3: You’re Thinking of Another

Gradually you can focus on everyday life again. When you go into phase three, you do not think about your ex as much. Gradually, you accept that it will not be you again.

Phase 4: Life Goes On

In the final phase separation, you realize why it ended. A broken heart is no longer something you suffer from. You have accepted the situation. If you then continue to live as singles or starting a new love relationship is the time showing.

What Helps With a Broken Heart?

It is important that you give yourself time and realize that you must do what you can to overcome the heartache. Find a suitable job to get rid of anger and sadness. It is also advisable to have as little contact as possible with the person who gave you a broken heart. It can prolong the grieving process and make it harder for you to heal.

To feel pain occasionally associated with, but it makes you plenty to occupy yourself with activities you enjoy. Even if it feels heavy in the beginning, time heals all wounds, and for every day that passes, it will feel better.

You can view the past as a closed chapter and will eventually be ready to let a new person in your heart .

The Best Things to Say to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Get your ex bf backAre you going through a rough time with your boyfriend? Are the two of you growing more and more distant? Or, are you trying to get an ex boyfriend from your past back?

There are many different things that you can do to get him back, but often times, it is the things that you say that will work the best.

If you want to get a special man back in your life, then you should choose your words carefully.

Below, you will find some of the very best tips for things that you can say to get your boyfriend back; all of these are guaranteed to work and show you the best results imaginable.

Get His Attention, Tease Him

If you really want to get his attention, you can try complimenting him, or teasing him. This will work especially well if you do your teasing with an air of sexiness, make yourself desirable, and make him want to spend as much time as possible in your presence.

If you can make him laugh, enjoy being with you, and crave your body, you will have no trouble getting your boyfriend back. In fact, you will likely be on his mind constantly, and you will never have this problem again.

Make Sure He Knows You Miss Him

The more time you spend away from him, you are sure to miss him, and you should let him know. Chances are that your boyfriend misses you too, but is too shy or embarrassed to admit it to you unless you are the first to say it to him.

It will make him more willing to spend more time around you, and will be doing everything he can to spend time with you. Once I found a very smart tip here – loveblab.com/get-your-ex-boyfriend-back Feel free to check it out, superb idea :-)

In just a short amount of time, and with just a few simple words, he will be dying to be at your side any chance he gets.

Apologize Or Admit You Were Wrong

Why were you and your boyfriend going through the difficult time? If it was because of a fight, or one of you doing something that the other didn’t like, it may be time for you to apologize.

Whether or not you actually did anything wrong isn’t the question, what matters is that you are willing to put your relationship over your pride. And, if it was that your boyfriend was the one who was wrong, he will most likely choose to apologize himself afterward.

These three things that you can say will be a great help in getting your boyfriend back. You won’t have to worry about ever being distant with your boyfriend again, and you can solve any problems like this in your love life easily. It won’t be difficult at all, and you can gain control over all of your relationships.

This will give you the relationship that you want to have, with no worries, and no more being lonely ever again. Anyway, for more advice you can check out the site loveblab by Anamika. She is a wonderful woman. In fact, she only inspired me start this blog.

If you make sure that you do it right, as well as be fair and honest with the people in your life, it will all work out perfectly.